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The pieces of the bistro puzzle…

Like any complicated puzzle, a restaurant is put together one piece at a time. You make sure that each member brings qualities that strengthen and challenge the team. Every single one of the bistro’s personalities have qualities that bring balance, character and strength to the equation. It’s not just something we say. It’s what guests just like you, tell us every day. They tell us while they’re here, they shout it out online, they tell their friends, family, colleagues and frankly, anyone who’s willing to listen. Meet the cast that puts together our mouthwatering show, 362 days of the year.


 Creativity, Passion, Skill

Today, our kitchen, composed of Antigua natives, fuses classic French cuisine with a hint of Guatemalan flavors. They create innovative dishes that surprise the most demanding palates.
In the words of the whole team, “the best part of Bistrot Cinq are the people.” For many, the bistro has become a second home, where every day we keep growing together.


One of the founding fathers of the bistro. He’s also been here since it opened. When he’s not cooking culinary masterpieces to your heart’s content, you can catch him patiently teaching our small militia of culinary students the ways of the kitchen.


If you’ve been lucky to have Marlon be your host for the evening, you know there’s one thing he never loses. That’s his smile. Behind that there’s a powerhouse of knowledge about wine & food, with a mix of dazzling service, generosity, and over the top performance.

Sous Chef

Manuel has been here for a while. Quietly mastering his craft, he handles the kitchen like a master carpenter. With a mix of patience, humor and the occasional hearty laugh. If you want a piece of meat cooked to perfection, rumour is, he knows exactly what that means.


If you’re in the mood for a laugh or a good chat, Isaias is the man. Full of stories, jokes, Guatemalan slang and always ready to help our guests relax and let go of all worries. He knows his stuff like the back of his hand.


The only full time woman on our team. Orpha puts in extra hours to make sure everything at the bistro runs like a Swiss made clock. She handles suppliers, everything related to the team and occassionally scolds us. Some call her Mom and she has a heart of gold.

Jose Aureliano

Aureliano started from the ground up. The way any well made house is built. He’s been here from the beginning. He can transition from making sauces, to preparing the perfect sides, to dishing out all the entrees in record time. All performed with good humor.


One of the most experienced people on the floor. Don Oscar can read a client like a hawk. He knows what you need before you even know it. Behind the serious face he’s kind, wise, and full of inspiring stories. Ask him why.

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