We’re looking for people who love great food…

Are you one?

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

Bistrot Cinq is the type of place you fall in love with when the sun goes down… in the evening, for dinner.

With more than 50 natural candles that warm up the ambiance… this hidden gem draws the attention of everyone who walks by.

Visitors step in attracted by the music, the lights, the atmosphere,  the laughter, the aromas of freshly made steak frites or a grilled calamari…

They take a rest…a break from a long day when they sit down to enjoy the magic that follows.

Usually for 2 hours, regardless of the day.

I’m not lying…see the photo?

But lunchtime from Monday to Thursday? That’s another story.

You see … 50% of our guests are just like you and I… business owners, executives and professionals.

40% are visitors from more than 50 countries who book a table before their plane touches the tarmac.

The other 10% are well known celebrities like Argentine footballers Javier Zanetti and Mario Kempes …

Singers Gaby Moreno, Fabiola Rodas … or Benny Ibarra and Erik Rubin from famous Mexican group “Timbiriche” …

Guatemalan chefs like Rodrigo Aguilar of Kombu …

Mirciny Moliviatis …

Chef Campollo from Casa Santo Domingo …

And International Chefs such as Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz (Named 7th best restaurant in the world and has 2 Michelin stars) …

Chef Pablo Soto from NOMA in Denmark, boasting 2 Michelin stars and named best restaurant in the world for 4 years. (Interesting side note: Pablo was our chef for a few months).

Recognize any of them in the photos?

You know what all of our guests have in common with you?

They’re all really busy people … and from Monday to Thursday, they grab lunch with a timer in hand.

We get it!

So we’re offering you an option that fits with your lifestyle.

Last week we did a test run with a small group of longtime customers and they said:


  • “They’re pretty simple dishes, but I never imagined that they would be so tasty. I come to the Bistro with my husband on a weekly basis and I know that we’ll always be more than satisfied when we leave.”      -Rita P.


  • “This menu is perfect for when you’re not very hungry or a bit pressed for time. I tried the Shepherd’s pie and tomato soup with a glass of wine. Enough to convince me to go back to my friends next week… ”     – Claudia G.

“We had the pork milanese and the macaroni crudete. Both were excellent. I would say the food was comprable to some of the bistros we have eaten at in Paris. The best food we have eaten in Antigua.”

Scott Oosting


“there are few in town of the same caliber, whether its quality of foid, service or atmosphere. The place is very well laid out and decorated, great for large or small groups without ever feeling cramped. They usually have a variety of specials every day, many of which you simply wont find elsewhere. The meats are always cooked properly to order and served immediately, something I appreciate being in the industry myself. Nothing ever sits under the heat lamp. Plating is usually very ggood and they have an extensive selection of wines, beverages and craft cocktails. You’ll find everything from simple burgers (of exceptional quality) to higher end fare & some rather unique offerings. Ive eaten here a few times, and never dissapointed. One of the best places to take a date in town.”

Mattye Moss


“I’ve lived in Switzerland and traveled to France many times, and yet this was probably the best French meal I’ve ever had! Two thumbs up on wine, food, and service.”

David Entrekin


Why am I so convinced that you’re going to love this special menu?


  • Each dish is made from scratch, just like Grandma used to do it. Everything is fresh and we’re always looking to sponsor small, local producers.
  • This menu allows us to offer you the same quality, but in less time, since preparation is quick.
  • Smaller portions so you still have room for coffee and don’t feel like taking a nap in the middle of your afternoon work meeting.
  • More value for money, so you can visit frequently… with the whole family and friends.


You can try it ONLY from Monday to Thursday from 1 to 3:30 pm, for the entire month of June.

Want to see the menu? Of course you do!


Tomato soup

Your daily serving of fruit, as prescribed by the doctor. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidants. ‘Twas Joseph Campbell who first put tomatoes and water in a can. But our soup is made from scratch, with natural, home grown Antigua tomatos. We sautee garlic, onion, and thyme. We always wait to slice the tomatoes at the right amount of ripeness. Then we boil all the ingredients for an hour to ensure depth of flavor and the creamy density that opens up your taste buds.


Caesar salad

Created on a 4th of July by Chef, Cesar Cardini. In the middle of an Independence Day celebration, his stock was running low. He gathered every ingredient he had within reach and composed this masterpiece. The culinary classic we know today as the Caesar Salad. Our version comes with fresh, crunchy romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, caesar vinaigrette, Parmesan cheese, and a healthy serving of love.


Shepherd’s Pie

A staple of “comfort food”, the Shepherd’s Pie hails from the UK. Its first cousin is the “Hachis Parmentier” that we proudly make in France. Mashed potatoes serve as the bed, while the succulent center is filled with finely diced beef tenderloin and veggies. Add more mashed potatoes on top, then a variety of imported cheese to top it off. It then sits in the oven, slowly cooking itself to tasty perfection.


Pasta Primavera

A dish that rocked Manhattan in the 1970s. A prime example of the creativity and collaboration of 2 expert chefs… one Italian, the other French. Could you ask for anything better? Imagination is the limit with this dish. In our case the pasta is “penne”.  Add assorted seasonal vegetables like zucchini, carrot, and spinach. Sautée, mix and 2 more additional steps… but the Chef won’t tell.


Bread Pudding

Our French baguettes are fresh, direct from the local Antigua bakery. Without fail, it arrives daily at the hands of a lovely lady who’s always smiling. We use yesterday’s bread to make this simple, but delicious dessert that dates back to the 11th century. Made from French baguettes, with milk, eggs, and chocolate. This pudding melts in your mouth… just as it should be.

Just add a glass of wine and you’re great.

This healthy and exquisite menu is ONLY available at Bistrot Cinq Monday through Thursday from 1 to 3:30 pm, for the month of June.

P.S. We have new cocktails (like Mezcal Tamarindo) and new wines, specially chosen to pair with these dishes.

All you have to do NOW is press the button below and book your table!